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To My Husband - 13 Years of Love and Bliss

13 years ago today, in little park, in a little town in the big state of California I married my best friend. It was hotter than hell and I barely made it through the 7.5 minute ceremony without crying. Our union was, if not destined, inevitable.

Oil Method Face Wash

Oil Method Face Wash - Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil and Vitamin E Oil
A blend of oils to cleanse your face without stripping away the moister and natural protective oils.

Southern Cornbread – Gluten Free

There is a HUGE debate in my house as to what constitutes cornbread. My grandfather always ascertained that anything containing sugar was "cake" not cornbread. I received the original recipe from my mother who always used it to make her cornbread stuffing for the holidays. It was a simple substitution of oatmeal and tapioca flour for the wheat flour to make it gluten free and add some artery cleansing fiber. This bread is moist and buttery and passes mustard with the whole family, especially my son who loves it warm with lots of honey.

1940′s-1950′s Secretary Restoration

1940′s-1950′s Secretary Restoration

My in-laws, during a cleaning frenzy, decided to get rid of this lovely 1940′-1950′s Secretary. It was in sad shape, the bottom shelf was falling off, the hinges had been ripped off, misc dents and dings, but my husband saw potential so we brought it home. The plan is to sand, paint and add new hardware. We disposed of the old wooden handle and will purchase a vintage glass one on Ebay. We are about half way through right now. More pics when it’s done. Sorry I didn't think to take pics at the beginning but it only occurred to me during the wood putty process.

1959 Canned Ham Trailer Restoration

1959 Canned Ham Trailer

Jason, my dear husband, dragged this home one day after helping a co-worker move. It had been sitting in a field for quite a while. The back and front window, one slat in the side window and the top vent cover where missing. We have big plans for it. Everything on the inside has been stripped. A full or queen is going in the back sleeping area. A dinette that transforms into a twin is going in the forward eating area, sink and counter on the right with a gas cooktop and a fridge. The whole interior will be covered in tongue and groove wood flooring except the floor.

Trying Something New – Confessions of a Foodaholic

Somewhere around Thanksgiving my body gave up on me. After drowning myself in potatoes, gravy, dinner roles and pie I collapsed in an over-indulgent coma. When I finally awoke I made a decision, I had an addiction and it’s name was food. Bad for me food. I couldn't live like this anymore. Something had to go. Being as I didn't want that something to be me, I made the decision to cut down on some stuff.

Laundry Soap

Homemade Laundry Soap

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Challange

  1. Do I really want or need that?
  2. Out of those REALLY needed or wanted things, how many can I get without buying something new?
  3. What can I reuse or recycle to make that thing I REALLY want or need?

Sometime last night I jumped up from the couch with an uncontrollable need to clean the linen closet. In doing so I found I have 6 queen sized sheet sets for a bed I no longer own. I stood there looking from the pile of sheets to my bare floors and back until inspiration struck.

Whole Wheat Aebleskivers

Whole Wheat Aebleskivers with Raspberry Sauce
These are by no means health food but they are a healthier version than the original. I'm sure you could cut down on the oil if you had a non-stick pan but I prefer to use my good old cast iron.

Build a compost bioreactor

4 years ago I started a compost pile. My mother has always been an avid organic gardener and some of it rubbed off on me. I have yet to actually produce any usable compost. For the most part it’s from shear laziness. I never go out and turn the pile, I don’t check on it, I just feed it.